Ayanna Lee Rivears

Socacize Fitness Inc.

Ayanna Lee Rivears is a mother, performer, fitness instructor and founder of Socacize Fitness – A Caribbean and African dance fitness program aimed to empower you to keep moving through her F.L.A.U.N.T philosophy: Feel good | Look good | Attitude | Unleash | Nice up yourself | Take time for you, while burning up to 1000 calories.

As a native of Trinidad and Tobago, Ayanna was passionate in learning the dance styles practiced in that particular country. With a threshold of confidence, Ayanna ventured to Caribbean Folk Performers where she was exposed to indigenous Caribbean, African and Modern Contemporary dance styles. During this time she established a reputation as “Limbo Dancer Extraordinaire '' which has in turn, led her to tour extensively in the USA, Virgin Islands, Asia, Canada and the Caribbean. She has also opened for Destiny's Child with the Boom Tang Boys at the Roy Thomson Hall.

After completing the Fitness Instructor Certified Program at Canadian Fitness Profession (Can-Fit-Pro) Ayanna started Socacize® Fitness to promote a fun way to exercise with a combination of dance moves, weight and strength training. She works closely with various fitness centres, corporate companies, recreation centers, schools, and dance companies. Ayanna currently conducts these spirited and energetic classes throughout the GTA and abroad.

Celebrating 15 years in a competitive industry, Ayanna is dedicated to showcasing dance fitness as an opportunity to motivate, educate and inspire the community leaving you feeling sexy, sultry and strong. Ayanna’s mission for the company is to provide a positive impact on your mental health through her F.L.A.U.N.T philosophy: Feel good | Look good | Attitude | Unleash | Nice up yourself | Take time for you. This philosophy addresses mental health issues by helping members exude a positive state of mind.

Ayanna has also developed the following programs: 2HR bootcamp Jam with LIVE DJ, Socacize Kidz, Power personal training and Wine & tone fitness programs. Her business model provides an instructor program, social events, a rental studio and merchandise.

Ayanna holds a diploma in International Business, specializing in International Transportation and Logistics from Seneca College. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Dance Immersion (a not-for-profit organization that produces, promotes and supports dancers and dances of the African Diaspora).

Alongside being a dedicated dancer, mental health advocate, and business woman - Ayanna is also a dynamic public speaker and is available for speaking and hosting engagements, corporate events, and performances.

As a top-24 semi-finalist who will get to pitch, what does this opportunity mean to you?

This is an amazing opportunity for me to express the benefits of Socacize Fitness and why it should be a global household name.

What has been a highlight for you in participating in the Rise Up Pitch Competition?

Understanding what investors are looking for and how to articulate it during a pitch.