The Winners

Orphanie Bégon-Leroy

Best Creative Business

Yamila Franco

Technology & Manufacturing

Marsha Hebert

Hospitality & Food

Myriam Jean-Baptiste

Consumer Goods & Services

Aba Mortley

Innovation/COVID-19 Pivot

Edo Odozor

Youth Entrepreneur (18-24)

Andrea Zackary

Business Services


View resources for entrepreneurs on topics of:

  • Sustaining & Growing Your Business
  • Templates, eBooks & Success Stories
  • Research
  • Incorporation

  • Exporting
  • Community
  • Pitching Basics

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Award Categories

Rise Up includes eight different award categories representing various sectors, business and life stages with both financial and non-financial prizes awarded to the winners:

  • Start-Up

  • Youth Entrepreneur

  • Hospitality & Food

  • Consumer Goods & Services

  • Technology & Manufacturing

  • Business Services

  • Best Creative Business

  • Innovation/COVID-19 Pivot

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