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Rise Up includes eight different award categories representing various sectors, business and life stages with both financial and non-financial prizes awarded to the winners. All award winners and runners up will have the opportunity to be featured in the WEKH See It. Be It. Campaign and database.

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*All prize money is in CAD


For new companies (one year or less – from Dec 2019 onward) that are building a new product or service for the market, in any industry. If you have one or more founders, are in the early stages of business development and #startuplife is your motto, this category is for you.

Financial Award: $10,000

Youth Entrepreneur (18-24)

This category is for women aged 18-24 years old who are building a business in any industry, at any stage.

Financial Award: $10,000

Hospitality & Food

This category is for bed and breakfasts, food retailers at all stages, and businesses associated with the food industry. If you are packaging grandma’s secret sauce or building a five star restaurant this category is for you.

Financial Award: $10,000

Consumer Goods & Services

Whether you’re a personal trainer, therapist, or yoga instructor, or someone working in cosmetics, hair care and fashion, if your business is committed to physical and/or mental health and making people the best versions of themselves this category is for you.

Financial Award: $10,000

Technology & Manufacturing

This category is for businesses bringing a new technology product or service including hardware, software, hardware, services and electronics to the market.

Financial Award: $10,000

Business Services

This category is for businesses that offer services, such as professional development, diversity and inclusion consultants, marketers or Realtors and Finance, architects.

Financial Award: $10,000

Best Creative Business

This category is for creatives associated with the arts. If you are an artist, graphic designer, author, and/or musician this category is for you.

Financial Award: $10,000

Innovation/COVID-19 Pivot

This category is for a business at any stage of development that has made a remarkable pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic to modify their business model, provide new services, and/or tap into new markets.

Financial Award: $10,000


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