Carelle Lahouri

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Carelle is the definition of black excellence. She's a role model, devoted to her community.

Carelle is a motivational speaker and certified business consultant, always standing panel discussions about leadership, diversity, entrepreneurship, self-esteem and everything related to DEI. Her purpose is to make women entrepreneurs' adventures easier through advice, support and mentorship.

Carelle is also a food blogger and influencer. She keeps sharing her motherland's recipes with her engaged community of over 150K followers on social media (73K on instagram, 24K on facebook, 43k on tiktok, 10K on snapchat). Here is her social media name: @instantdupalais. Carelle is working on opening the very first black luxury restaurant in Ontario. The restaurant's grand opening is expected for May 2023 . Beside all this, Carelle has a 9 to 5 job as a business developer at Société Économique de l'Ontario.