Elizabeth Buxton

Elizabeth Buxton

Boasy Organics

Elizabeth Buxton, a trailblazing Black entrepreneur, founded Boasy Organics in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2021. Her passion for organic skincare was ignited when her first child suffered from eczema, prompting her to create a gentle, all-natural baby balm free of harsh chemicals. Pleased with the results, she expanded her product line to include a nourishing body butter for herself.

Recognizing the impact her products could have on others, Elizabeth began sharing her creations with friends and family, who in turn requested more for themselves and their loved ones. This strong demand affirmed the value of her clean, research-backed, and natural ingredient-based products and inspired her to launch Boasy Organics on a larger scale.

A pivotal moment for Elizabeth came in 2021 when she opened her online shop, making her products accessible to people beyond her immediate circle. This milestone not only broadened her customer base but also marked a significant personal achievement, as the introverted entrepreneur pushed herself to connect with the public.

Her determination paid off as Boasy Organics continued to grow. In 2022, a local beauty studio agreed to carry her products, further increasing her visibility and reach. Today, Elizabeth Buxton's Boasy Organics stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to providing customers with high-quality organic skincare.

To learn more about Boasy Organics and shop their products, visit www.boasy.ca.