Jennifer Laidlaw

Jennifer Laidlaw

30% Club CanadaCountry Head

Jennifer Laidlaw, an influential transformational leader, advisor, and coach, partners with CEOs and top executives to design and execute innovative change initiatives that forge impactful legacies, harmonizing strategy, personnel, and purpose.

Boasting nearly two decades of experience across diverse sectors such as corporate, regulatory, public, and non-profit, Jennifer excels in cultivating robust internal and external collaborations, strategic stakeholder alliances, and expansive networks that yield exceptional results.

In 2020, Jennifer was appointed as Executive-in-Residence at Toronto Metropolitan University and now serves as the Country Head for the 30% Club Canada. In these capacities, she engages corporate Canada's leaders to promote inclusive innovation across industries and strengthen their dedication to advancing opportunities for women and non-binary individuals. Furthermore, she encourages 30% Club members to participate in the 50:30 Challenge, fostering a more diverse leadership landscape for a competitive edge.

In 2020, Jennifer devised a visionary five-year legacy-building strategy for CIBC's CEO, aimed at fortifying the Canadian economy through enhanced inclusion and diversity. This strategy has notably increased the CEO's visibility and influence within and beyond Canada, aligning it with CIBC's sponsorship and philanthropic endeavors.

Jennifer actively contributes her expertise as a Board Director and Advisory Committee member for a multitude of national non-profit organizations, universities, and businesses.