Kelly De Fogain

Founder/Executive Director - Afropolitan Canada

Kelly De Fogain-Taylor is a distinguished leader and visionary entrepreneur widely recognized for her outstanding contributions to the empowerment of Black Ontarians. As the founder and executive director of Afropolitan Canada, Kelly has created a bilingual organization that empowers Black Ontarians with the resources and networks necessary to thrive in professional and entrepreneurial environments.

With a background in Political Science and Translation and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management, Kelly spent numerous years in the environmental sector before transitioning to public service, where she held various senior advisor positions and honed her skills in leadership, strategic planning, and community development.

Today, Kelly draws on her diverse experiences to ensure that Afropolitan Canada remains an essential resource for the Black Ontarian community. By providing services such as mentorship opportunities, financial literacy training, life skills coaching, and mental health supports, Kelly and her team at Afropolitan Canada are making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.