Sewit Tamene


Sewit is a first-generation Eritrean-Canadian who was born and raised in Toronto. She came from humble beginnings, where her family migrated here fleeing the war in Eastern-Africa in hopes of finding a better life. From as early as she can remember the idea of hard work bearing the fruits of success has always been reiterated to her by her parents. This is something that was ingrained in her everyday, where she always excelled at anything she put her mind to. She attended the University of Toronto, where she did an exchange program at Oxford University and finished with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree at the young age of 20! Following this she went on to complete a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Western Ontario, being the youngest in her graduating class. After this, she returned back to the University of Toronto to complete a Masters of Teaching at OISE and graduated at the age of 26.

Sewit has spent the last 8 years advocating and helping society’s most vulnerable populations, where she has assisted at-risk youth stay on track for graduation, managed COVID clinics across the city during the height of the pandemic and oversaw multiple community projects in various low-income communities. Sewit also always had a passion for real estate and when the pandemic froze the world, she took the opportunity to complete her real estate studies at Humber. Starting from scratch and within 2 years she was a full-fledged agent, all while working full-time! During this time, she also created a trivia game called 4inthe6, which features her love for the city and highlights everything great about Toronto. She loves playing card and board games and during the lockdown, they became an essential household item. She really wanted to play a game that tested her knowledge about Toronto and she was disheartened to find out that not a single game existed. So, she took this opportunity to create 4inthe6! 4inthe6 has been a huge success, where it was even featured on blogTO and CBC. Sewit clearly likes to keep busy and is always thinking of the next challenge/goal to overcome! She has a true passion to help people from all walks of life, she isn’t afraid of hard work and gets the job done, no matter what. When there is a will, there is a way – this is a motto she truly embodies and her life experiences and accolades are evident of this.