Wendi Felician

OuBél Beauty Inc.

OuBél Beauty Inc. was born out of necessity when Wendi Felician’s (CEO/founder) daughter contracted a parasite infection at the age of ten during a play date and developed sores in her head that left bald patches. Unable to find a hair pomade that worked effectively to heal the scalp, she began to research the condition and learned how certain herbs could be beneficial. Armed with knowledge on the use of herbs due to her mother, great aunt and grandmother’s tutelage, she created a hair pomade that rid her daughter’s scalp of the sores and stimulated hair growth after two weeks of consistent use.

OuBél Beauty was incorporated on July 1, 2020, and launched on March 31, 2022, via e-commerce. However, Wendi has been developing and building OuBél’s foundation for over seven years. We are a federally incorporated licensed cosmetic and beauty care manufacturer in Ontario. Our products are insured and barcoded. OuBél is currently located in Newmarket, Ontario but is looking for commercial manufacturing space to purchase in 2024. We operate as a B2B and B2C business and is currently in partnership with Happy Bones Osteopathic Clinic, our first vendor. Customers can order from our vendor, directly through Wendi (for now), or via the e-commerce platform. One major milestone we have achieved within our first year of operation is trademark status. On February 16, 2023, OuBél’s trademark was approved. We are currently in the opposition stage awaiting the official certificate of registration which is slated to arrive in June.

Wendi’s business concept and design addresses the growing market for quality natural beauty products void of harmful chemicals and adheres to the following fundamental values: love, compassion, respect and transparency. In addition, she believes that economic and social development go hand in hand. As a result, OuBél is committed to supporting causes that are close to her heart, such as mental health and housing, by donating 10% of yearly profits to organizations focused on addressing mental health and housing disparity in North America and abroad. OuBél aims to increase sales responsibly without compromising the well-being and needs of employees, customers, shareholders and directors.