Carolyn Simon

Carolyn Simon is the Patty Queen and Founder of Choose Life Foods. The company manufactures, markets, and sells Caribbean plant-based frozen meals in Canada. Choose Life foods sells the first and only certified Jamaican patties. Vegan.Org is the most trusted and best-recognized vegan certifying body in North America. Our mission is to provide nutritious and delicious Plant-Based alternatives to beloved Caribbean dishes, which will contribute to less meat consumption and support environmental initiatives. Prior to launching Choose Life Foods, Carolyn worked for many years in the library system in various capacities. From her first job as a Page shelving books for the Toronto Public Library, to assisting in maintaining library services for Indigenous Communities, to working as a summer library student performing bilingual law research at the Supreme Court of Canada. On completion of her studies, she worked in the legal field as a Law Librarian for Fasken, formerly Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, and the Université de Montréal. Carolyn holds a bachelors degree in French Studies from York University through Glendon College, the formally federated bilingual campus of York University. She received her Masters in Information and Library Science from the Université de Montréal.