How are applicants evaluated?

Applicants are evaluated at several points throughout the program:

  • Stage 1 application
  • Stage 2 business model
  • Stage 3 virtual pitch

More info on the judging criteria on the Terms & Conditions page

My business falls under more than one category. Can I be considered for both?

Applicants may only be considered for one category and must specify their preferred category during the Stage 1 application

Are workshops and webinars mandatory?

Workshops and webinars are not mandatory, however attendance is strongly encouraged to ensure applicants have the tools necessary to succeed in moving forward to the next stages. Workshops held on January 21st and 22nd will be available to successful applicants.

How will Stage 3 applicants be assigned a pitch coach?

The Rise Up organizers have selected a set of coaches that will hold coaching hours between February 16-23 that stage 3 applicants can sign up for via an online calendar. More details will be provided to those successful applicants.

Can applications in both English and French be accepted?

The Rise Up program is a bilingual program and will accept applications in both languages, as well as provide support in both languages. Applicants must specify their preferred language for the program on the Stage 1 application.

Can I nominate someone to participate?

Yes! Share with them via:

I have an initiative within my company – can I just pitch this initiative?

You must pitch your entire company

Is this open for Canadian citizens?

The competition is available to Canadian residents

Are there additional resources to support women who do not pass through the first stage?

Absolutely! See our resources page.

How can I edit my application?

Use the email and link provided to you by Google Forms via email or visit the application page on our website and click to apply. The application will allow you to edit your response.

If I have more than one business can I apply for both?

No, we ask that there is one submission per business owner, and one submission per business.


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