Kadaesha Lindsay

Kadaesha is a self-motivated professional with a big sense of humor and bigger heart. She loves to learn new skills and information through books, documentaries and conversations as she is committed to being a life-long learner. In addition to being a fun-loving mother of one, and a Social Service Worker student At Centennial College with plans to obtain her Masters, Kadaesha Lindsay is the founder of Untainted Bath & Body Care, a Toronto Based company that creates safe and natural bath products for families who want healthy skin, without exposure to toxic ingredients. Her entrepreneurial journey began as an expecting mother shopping for safe baby products – and coming across a number of questionable ingredients that caused her to further investigate the origin and safety of them. Her research lead her to shocking discoveries surrounding the safety (or lack thereof) of commonly used ingredients in skincare. This new information inspired Kadaesha to further educate herself and begin creating her own healthy, safe products for herself and her son. Kadaesha would soon recognize this as an opportunity to empower other families to use safe and natural products, create generational wealth and put herself in a position to give back to her community in immense ways. Untainted Bath & Body Care was officially established in 2018.