Founder, Kare Kit

My name is Kadeisha Powell and I am the 24-years old Founder of Kare Kit, a wellness and menstrual health brand. With a degree in Public Relations and a background in Community Outreach, I combined my skills to create a business that brings comfort to those with needs while also supporting those in need. At Kare Kit, we prepare kits for people with periods and they have the option of customizing their kit to include menstrual care and/or pain relief items, treats, hand-made candles, books, face coverings and more. Purchases can be made with a subscription or individually, but regardless, we donate 10% of each purchase towards providing menstrual products to unhoused people in our community. I work to present Kare Kit as a platform to discuss all things periods, such as period poverty, endometriosis, mental health, acne, self-care, and more.