Lulu Mashonganyika

There is no secret that women often bear the brunt of childcare and other home responsibilities within our communities. While this is not a new issue, the unstable school and childcare schedules of the pandemic, combined with labor shortages and loss of wages have only made things much worse. Lulu Mashonganyika is the mum behind LiiT Care Connect- the “digital village” of affordable and accessible childcare services for both parents and service providers. Despite the current advances of gender diversity in technology, women of color remain underrepresented, underpaid, and often discriminated against in the technology sector. As a visionary and creative entrepreneur driven by a passion for community building and children’s welfare, she chose to use new and existing technologies to disrupt the childcare industry with her innovation. The goal behind LiiT Care Connect is threefold: (1) Diverse and Creative Care for all Children, (2) Flexible and, Specialized working opportunities for service providers, including racialized and immigrant mums (3) Safe, Accessible, and, Affordable childcare services for all families. Parenting is not practice – it is a daily learning experience. As a wife, mother, and childcare provider, Lulu’s mission is to reinvent the interactions between parents and service providers to provide a diverse and exclusive experience.