Co-Founder, LS Cream Liqueur

Myriam Jean-Baptiste is the Co-Founder of LS Cream Liqueur, a cream liqueur inspired by an iconic recipe from Haiti called ‘’kremas’’. After studying in Nancy, France and graduating from HEC Business School in Montreal, she quickly entered the corporate world, working in Sales and Business Development in renowned organizations. As a mother of two young kids, she always knew deep down that building a legacy for her family was her ultimate dream. For Myriam, Haitian culture has always been deeply rooted in her upbringing. Kremas is known as being a celebration drink, always making its way into family reunions, birthday parties, weddings and Holiday gatherings. It’s in 2011, after a night of celebration with family and friends, where she and her husband Stevens spent the night noticing how everyone from different nationalities were enjoying and requesting refills of the homemade kremas bottle they had placed on the table, that it quickly became clear to them: this recipe needed to be commercialized. After months of market research and exhaustive product testing, the first samples of LS Cream were sent to an international competition where LS Cream won the gold medal for the taste and quality of the product. This award became a milestone in her journey as it brought a lot of attention to the brand. In the past 4 years, LS Cream has been the recipient of a total of 5 medals including another Gold medal at the WSWA in Vegas and Silver medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.