Nurse & Educator

Seneka is a licensed nurse and educator who specializing in mental health. She has worked in all types of settings including hospitals, communities, outpatient clinics, schools, colleges, and sports programs. For over 17 years she has enjoyed providing healthcare to individuals of all ages and supporting individuals with mental health concerns, specifically youth. Seneka has found through research that the need for mental health support for student athletes is lacking and she would like to utilize her strategies through mindfulness, counselling, and antioppression to equalize the power imbalance in our communities especially amongst people of colour. Her success with supporting youth has been the motivation to start her own business DKH Visionary. Seneka is the Founder and Owner of DKH Visionary which is a program that supports student athletes between the ages of 10-14 with lived experiences related to mental health and sports, specifically basketball. She wants to give student athletes the tools to balance their inner self, mind, academics, and physical training beyond the sport while building natural momentum for the love of the game! Her goal is to empower student athletes with the opportunity to self regulate – to feel confident while balancing mentally and physically for high performance opportunities within the basketball culture. Seneka believes in every student athlete that she encounters because everyone has a story to tell and those stories create pathways for success!