Shantel Myers

Shay Myers is a licensed financial advisor, youth mentor and gem dropper based in Toronto. She created Finance for the Culture Inc. as an online educational platform and financial services business to bridge the gap between finance and marginalized communities through education, empowerment and humour. She makes finance fun and realistic by providing accessible solutions to common money problems. Shay went from having $200 to her name to building multiple 5-figure funds in under 2 years because she learned how money worked. She has mentored over 150 clients and hosted over 30 financial literacy workshops, including partnering with UofT, Manifesto Toronto and R.I.S. E Edutainment. So far, Shay has helped clients pay off over $44,000 in debt. She offers one-on-one appointments to help people shift their money mindset, improve their spending habits, learn financial concepts, understand insurance, invest and build wealth. She can be found on Instagram: @financefortheculture