Yvonne Nnadi

Yvonne Nnadi is the 23 year old founder of Uzoamaka Here, which means ‘the future is flourishing here’ in native Igbo language. After spending 2 years educating women on how to align with their natal chart for future ease, Yvonne reached a grand realization. She noticed through reviews that more BIPOC women were weighed down by how their negative coping mechanisms. Lack of feminine resources, poor self-image and codependency to toxic patterns were affecting their ability to creatively execute their future and financial goals. So, a new problem arose for Yvonne Uzo to solve. How could BIPOC womxn evolve when they had deep unhealed childhood wounds tracing back to their ancestors’ patterns? This is when her personal reading sessions gained a bit of popularity. Today, Yvonne Uzo is most known for the timely intuitive messages she delivers via her open platform. She wields her social media influence to intersect Goddess health and spiritual topics through a trending or fun lens, pulls weekly self care cards and most importantly, acts as a conduit for spiritual enlightenment. This space has now welcomed over 5,000 BIPOC females on the path of reclaiming their Goddess-level inner voice, expanding wealth consciousness and wanting to reintegrate a more ‘glowed up’ healthy version of their inner child through taking accountability of their daily self-empowerment experiences. Uzoamakahere’s most powerful tool used to affect change is the voice. The brand flourishes each time a BIPOC womxn chooses to be supported in unlocking her personal path to financial health by clarifying her spiritual wealth in the highest of levels.