Passionate about art and science and always in search of excellence, Arabelle Dada-Amos is an architect graduated from the National School of Architecture in Rabat. She also holds a Master’s degree in Geomatics from Université Laval in Quebec, whose research work has focused on sustainable development.

Arabelle is deeply interested in issues of bioclimatic architecture, integrated design processes and sustainable development policies. Very entrepreneurial, Arabelle is the co-founder of the AD Concept and Calebasse companies, designed around environmental protection and eco-responsibility. She is also the founder of La dèguèterie, a food processing company whose flagship product is dèguè, a delicious dessert made from yogurt and millet.

As an Afro-Quebecer and attached to African traditions, Arabelle advocates for the values ​​of solidarity, diversity, multiculturalism and equity. It places human well-being at the heart of all its initiatives while ensuring that it is in harmony with its environment for sustainable development.