Brenda Ebedi is a Nigerian-born Canadian who immigrated to Canada in 2018 with her beautiful family. As a mum of three active boys, Brenda’s passion to promote healthy living in children through the consumption of healthy snacks inspired her to leave her successful Human Resource career to become a health and nutrition entrepreneur.

Brenda’s goal is to reduce the statistics of obesity in children all over the world. As a result, she came up with a solution that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Paxsile Foods is a health food processing company, with a focus on providing tasty and nutritious dried fruit snacks, without added sugars and preservatives.

Paxsile Foods aims to increase the number of individuals, particularly children, with improved nutrition and healthy eating habits. It also aims to contribute to reduction in food waste by working with local farmers, to preserve and transform fruits to shelf stable products, making them available year-round.

Ultimately, Brenda believes that food is medicine – your health is as good as what you consume – and Paxsile Foods is her contribution to this philosophy.